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Welcome to Fiskardo’s Little Italy, the place where Italy’s most beloved dishes meet Greece’s finest produce by the inspired creativity of chef Lefteris Lazarou.
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About Us

Italian Restaurant

Fiskardo’s Little Italy

Tra Due our new Italian restaurant has opened its doors this year, located in the preserved neoclassical building on Kavvadia Square

The Chef

Lefteris Lazarou

Lefteris Lazarou, a renowned Greek chef, earned the first Michelin star in Greek cuisine. He specializes in contemporary Greek gastronomy with a focus on seafood. Lazarou is highly acclaimed and considered one of Greece’s top culinary icons.

Born in Piraeus, Lazarou’s passion for culinary arts led him on a journey exploring cuisines from different countries. His time on seafaring vessels was transformative, allowing him to combine Greek cuisine with diverse cultures’ palates and preferences.

Lazarou revolutionized Greek cuisine with his innovative seafood creations, pushing its boundaries. He has traveled extensively, sharing his expertise in countries such as Italy, Argentina, Japan, the United States, and european capitals. Leteris Lazarou has also taught at esteemed institutions like the Culinary Institute of America (CIA).

In 2002, Lefteris Lazarou and his restaurant were awarded the prestigious Michelin star, marking the pinnacle of his culinary career and a symbol of culinary distinction and honor.

You can now dilight in Tra Due, the exceptional italian creations of Lefteris Lazarou in the picturesque village of Fiskardo.


The Location

Fiskardo is one of the most popular places in the Ionian and the only part of Kefalonia that retains much of its original Venetian architecture, making it a really special place on the island. It  is home to some of the priciest houses and restaurants in all of Greece thanks to the picturesque and cosmopolitan ambiance with an authentic Greek feel.It’s  very beautiful and full of life, a must destination for sea, good food and yachting lovers.

















Farm to table

The rustic yet elegant ambiance reflects the harmony between nature and culinary artistry. As you dine, you’ll feel the warmth and authenticity that comes from savoring dishes made with ingredients that have traveled just a short distance from field to fork.

Our Team

Meet our team

Our team consists of passionate and skilled professionals who are committed to delivering impeccable service and gastronomic delights. From our talented sommeliers who curate an impressive wine selection to our attentive servers who anticipate your every need, every member of our team embodies the essence of hospitality.

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Kavvadia square, Fiskardo, 28084, Kefalonia, Greece

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